a l o r a

Hey there, thank you for showing up and welcome to aloras very first sweater drop.
Please take a second and read the following instructions, to make sure your purchase goes nice and easy.

First of all check out which size you would prefer.
There are some pictures that should help you to make the right choice.

If you want your sweatshirt posted to your home, please be sure to enter a valid address.

Otherwise you can stop by and pick it up at Von Pferden und Fischen.

The price will be 80€ including tax plus 5€ delivery fee.

Once you have completed and sent the form I will provide you with a PayPal link.

I Hope you enjoy them es much as I do.


  • The drop contains a limited edition of 30 sweatshirts in two different sizes - designed, produced and printed in Hamburg, St. Pauli.


  • They are heavy and extra oversized to keep you super warm and compfy for the upcoming winter season. 


  • Each one got some special details to make sure every single sweater becomes an unique piece. 


  • This specific one will only be released once. 


  • All profit goes to @hanseatic_help to support their project #wärmegeben. 



  • Please spread the word to raise awareness and attention, if this project is successful, there surely will be more to follow. 



Special thanks to all humans involved.




length: 77 cm 

chest: 57cm 

arm: 71 cm




length: 80 cm 

chest 63 cm 

arm: 74 cm


thank you